The 47 Best Salmon Recipes to Add to Your Dinner Rotation for Tasty and Healthy Meals

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The same old plain baked salmon can get boring, but with a few top-rated, delicious salmon recipes up your sleeve, you can find new inspiring ways to serve up your favorite fish. From the best baked and fancy salmon recipes, to teriyaki and pan-fried salmon dishes, we have the […]

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The same old plain baked salmon can get boring, but with a few top-rated, delicious salmon recipes up your sleeve, you can find new inspiring ways to serve up your favorite fish. From the best baked and fancy salmon recipes, to teriyaki and pan-fried salmon dishes, we have the best seafood meals to brighten your routine and fight mealtime fatigue.

Health benefits of salmon

Before you head out to the fishmonger at your local supermarket, it’s important to note that salmon and other fatty fish are key parts of a healthy diet. Seafood provides key nutrients including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (which are great for brain health), iron, choline, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and selenium, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Fish also adds a great source of protein to your plate—just 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces) of salmon has nearly 20 grams of protein, with less saturated fats than some meat options, according to the USDA.

Plus, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends eating fatty fish, like salmon, twice a week for its heart-health benefits. Eating fish and seafood can even lower your risk for cardiovascular disease and may help lower cholesterol, according to the AHA. Salmon in your diet can also promote bone health, encourage a healthy body weight, and decrease the risk for colorectal cancer, according to the FDA.

Top diets consistently recommend incorporating the fish into meal plans. The Mediterranean diet, which has been named one of the best diets overall year after year, and the DASH diet, which is similar but focuses on lowering blood pressure, recommend eating fatty fish twice a week.

Ahead, explore some of the best salmon recipes to inspire healthy meals all week long.

best salmon recipes salmon rillettes

Danielle Daly

For a snack to serve to company, these toasts are the perfect pick. The combination of wine-poached salmon and smoked salmon folded into a light salad is easier than you think but looks impressive.

best salmon recipes seared salmon with spiced sweet potatoes

Mike Garten

Creamy sweet potatoes roasted in a mixture of coriander and chile balance meaty salmon perfectly on the plate. Plus, the ginger, honey, and clementine vinaigrette work as a sweet, tangy dressing to pull it all together.

best salmon recipes salmon with broccolipea puree and cucumber salsa

Linda Pugliese

You’ve probably had a cucumber and tomato salad before, but cucumber and grapes make for an unexpected duo that works beautifully alongside broiled salmon. The fruity salad counters the creamy, savory pea and broccoli puree perfectly for a hearty dinner you’ll dig into.

best salmon recipes salmon hash with sunnyside up eggs

Charles Masters

Who says smoked salmon is the only salmon allowed at breakfast? Whether you dive into this plate for your morning meal or as breakfast for dinner (brinner!), you’ll love this potato, pepper, onion, and salmon hash. Be sure to pop the egg yolk and coat everything in the luscious liquid for the perfect bite.

best salmond recipes lemony salmon piccata recipe

Charles Masters

When you need a recipe that comes together in just 20 minutes, this will be your new go-to dinner. A mixture of garlic, wine, lemon juice, capers, and butter melt together for a bright, briny forkful.

best salmon recipes texmex salmon bowl

Charles Masters

If you love burrito bowls, this Tex-Mex salmon bowl will become a dinnertime staple. Packed with protein from salmon and black beans working double duty, it’s also ultra flavorful from the creamy avocado and quick tomato salsa.

best salmon recipe salmon banh mi with spicy mayo

Charles Masters

This version of the classic Vietnamese sandwich keeps traditional flavors like crusty bread and quick pickled carrots and radishes but swaps in flaked salmon for the usual meatier filling. We especially love the mayonnaise and hot sauce that bring creaminess and heat.

best salmon recipes roasted salmon artichokes and red onion

Mike Garten

If you’re giving the Mediterranean diet a try or just love flavors of the region, this 30-minute meal is for you. Roasted artichoke hearts, red onion, and navel oranges add a ton of flavor to a plate of simply roasted salmon. Plus, the parsley oil is an essential topper to bring it all together.

best salmon recipes wild salmon salad

Philip Friedman

Enjoy this lunchtime staple in just 15 minutes. Roasted salmon and creamy avocado top bowls of baby greens, grape tomatoes, scallions, slivered almonds, and a light balsamic vinaigrette for the easiest, most flavorful salad.

best salmon recipes salmon noodle bowl

Con Poulos

A glaze of hoisin sauce, a Chinese sauce often made from garlic, red chili peppers, fermented soybeans, and spices, packs a ton of flavor into each fish filet. Then, a bright cucumber salad, crispy cabbage slaw, and warm rice noodles make this better-than-takeout dish irresistible.

best salmon recipes salmon salad with green goddess dressing

Danielle Daly

This hearty salad combines crisp green beans, creamy potatoes, flakey salmon, bright tomatoes, jammy eggs, avocado, and a luscious yogurt-based dressing for an herb-packed flavor that will keep you full until dinner.

best salmon recipes honeyspiced salmon with quinoa

Christopher Testani

Crispy cabbage marinated in a gingery, sweet dressing is the perfect addition to the sweet and spicy broiled salmon. Add fluffy quinoa to the mix and you have yourself a weeknight dinner you can turn to time and time again.

best salmon recipes salmon salad with avocado and sweet grape tomatoes

Anakopa/Getty Images

Salad lovers listen up! A big bowl of baby greens, avocado, almond slivers, scallions, and grape tomatoes create the perfect bed for a simple balsamic vinaigrette and baked salmon in this lunchtime staple.

best salmon recipes seared salmon with roasted cauliflower

Erika Lapresto

Buttery salmon bathed in garlic and capers are the ultimate pair for simply roasted cauliflower. Plus, this easy weeknight dinner can be thrown together in just 25 minutes flat.

best salmon recipes salmon blt

Con Poulos

There’s always room for bacon on a sandwich, and this salmon-lovers version is no exception. Every bite has bits of crispy bacon, meaty salmon, juicy tomatoes, and a creamy, herby sauce to bring it home.

best salmon recipes honey glazed salmon

Mike Garten

Sure, a jar of store-bought teriyaki is fine. But this five-ingredient honey-lime teriyaki sauce takes your salmon to next-level deliciousness. Pair it with fresh, crisp cucumbers and fluffy rice for an easy weeknight meal.

best salmon recipes seared salmon with charred green beans

Mike Garten

You’re five ingredients and 15 minutes away from a wow-worthy dinner spread. In this recipe, seared salmon is plated alongside charred green beans with knock-out flavor from capers, red chile, and garlic.

best salmon recipes salmon niçoise salad

Mike Garten

Perfect for a make-ahead lunch or when you’re craving a light, yet filling meal. The lemon dressing coats lettuce, potatoes, green beans, olives, and hard-boiled eggs before topping off with a gorgeous piece of salmon to complete the plate.

best salmon recipes everything bagel crusted salmon

Mike Garten

If you’re putting everything bagel seasoning on everything these days, you may want to sprinkle some on top of your salmon filet. The blend of poppy seeds, toasted sesame seeds, dried garlic, dried onion, and salt with a squeeze of lemon is a delicious way to serve your favorite fish—especially alongside the crunchy fennel salad.

best salmon recipes garlic butter salmon

Mike Garten

Fluffy orange rice creates a flavorful bed for the honey-butter roasted salmon. Pair with a fresh salad or your favorite vegetable for a complete meal.

best salmon recipes salmon with grapefruit and lentil salad

Danielle Daly

In the in-between days of winter and spring, this salmon with grapefruit and lentil salad is an essential dinner. Winter grapefruit and arugula create a gorgeous base with early spring radishes to serve alongside lentils and salmon for a seasonal spread.

best salmon recipes bbq salmon

Parker Feierbach

The super flavorful spicy BBQ glaze uses bold flavors like hoisin sauce, rice vinegar, and garlic chili paste to make something you’ll want to pour over everything. But first, brush it over grilled salmon filets for a sweet and spicy dinner you’ll want every night of the week.

best salmon recipes homemade lox

June Xie

Challenge your salmon skills with this at-home version of lox. It’s a few-day project (the salmon has to cure for at least 36 hours), but you’ll end up with a flavorful salmon slice to top bagels, sandwiches, or egg dishes with for days.

best salmon recipes honey garlic salmon

Ethan Calabrese

The sticky soy glaze coats each piece of salmon with a sweet and savory sauce that you’ll want to drizzle over everything. Serve alongside a vegetable and starch for a complete meal that satisfies the whole family.

best salmon recipes pan fried salmon

Kat Wirsing

For a very classic salmon recipe to keep in your back pocket, this pan-fried salmon will be your new go-to. The wine, lemon, and butter sauce is decadent beyond compare and tastes delicious drizzled over the salmon filets and a side dish of roasted veggies.

best salmon recipes coconut curry salmon

Emily Hilavac Green

Coat delicate salmon filets in a coconut curry sauce that brings some serious flavor to your plate. The ginger, garlic, and curry spices melt into creamy coconut milk to create a velvety sauce that’ll please those who are so-so about classic curry dishes or die-hard curry fans alike.

best salmon recipes greek salmon

Parker Feierbach

All of your favorite Greek salad ingredients—feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and onions—come together to create the perfect topping for simple salmon. Serve over a bed of greens or alongside roasted potatoes for a complete plate.

best salmon recipes salmon tacos

Parker Feierbach

Cajun-spiced salmon is the centerpiece of these delicious tacos. Topped with a pineapple-avocado salsa, each bite will be like you’re dining on a sunny island.

best salmon recipes spicy salmon bowl

Parker Feierbach

Garlic, honey, and chiles bring tons of flavor to a filet of salmon. Plus, quick pickles, a spicy mayo drizzle, and a warm bed of rice make for a spicy bowl you’ll crave for dinner every single night.

best salmon recipes salmon meatballs

Chelsea Lupkin

When another salmon filet brings on feelings of fatigue, these salmon meatballs are a great option for enjoying your favorite fish in a new way. With simple ingredients, like salmon, breadcrumbs, garlic, egg, parsley, and spices, these easy meatballs are great dippers for the bright green avocado crema.

best salmon recipes bruschetta salmon

Brandon Bales

Swap crusty bread as a base for bruschetta for buttery, flakey salmon. Shallots, garlic, olive oil, and tomatoes cook down into a luscious sauce that tops off each piece of fish for a beautiful plate that looks right out of a restaurant.

best salmon recipes lemon dill salmon burgers

Ethan Calabrese

Burger night just got more exciting with this fish patty. You can use canned salmon or a piece of cooked and cooled fresh salmon if you prefer. Just be sure to top the herby burger however you like.

best salmon recipes honey cilantro lime salmon

Jonathan Boulton

If you love the flavors of lime and cilantro, this uber citrusy and herby salmon is going to be your new favorite. The glaze thickens up as it cooks, making it perfect to drizzle over the cooked salmon, rice, and veggie of your choice.

best salmon recipes cajun parmesan salmon

Jonathan Boulton

Butter and garlic are a perfect pair but adding in Cajun seasoning creates a trio you didn’t know you needed. This recipe creates a buttery, bright sauce that coats each piece of salmon with spicy seasoning, herby parsley, and salty parmesan cheese for a flavorful dinner.

best salmon recipes ginger salmon with sesame cucumbers

John Kernick

Sesame cucumbers with fresh dill and jalapeno is a cool and crisp contrast to salmon marinated in a soy, honey, orange, and ginger sauce. Broiling the salmon makes for a slightly charred outside with an interior that still melts in your mouth.

best salmon recipes teriyaki salmon

Ian Palmer

Just a few pantry items come together to make this sticky-sweet teriyaki glaze. It beautifully coats salmon filets and is especially delicious drizzled over crispy broccoli. Oh, and did we mention it only takes 15 minutes to throw together?

best salmon recipes crispy pan seared salmon

Ian Palmer

Crispy skin is the holy grail of salmon filets. This fool-proof recipe yields ultra crispy skin, plus broiled broccolini with briny capers for an incredibly easy weeknight meal.

best salmon recipes citrus roasted salmon

Becky Luigart-Stayner

When winter citrus is everywhere you turn, this salmon fillet roasted with clementines and lemon, with flavors of honey, thyme, and fennel, will bring light to your kitchen even in the darkest of winter days.

best salmon recipes spring pasta with salmon peas and dill

Brian Woodcock

If this photo doesn’t get your mouth watering, just wait until you take a taste of this perfect spring pasta. Salmon is seasoned with coriander and roasted, then served cooled with your favorite pasta and spring peas dressed with a wine and butter sauce.

best salmon recipes seared salmon watercress potato salad olive dressing

Brian Woodcock

Add this dish to your spring spread for a seasonal platter that is wow-worthy. Salmon, watercress, potatoes, shredded egg, radishes, and green beans create a colorful plate. Then, top it off with a mustardy, olive dressing to create a party platter you’ll be talking about until next year.

best salmon recipes greek salmon couscous bowls

Danielle Daly

If you’re a Greek salad fan, this grain bowl is just for you. Couscous is dressed up with bell peppers, cucumbers, red onion, feta cheese, olives, and a light vinaigrette before topping it off with a piece of baked salmon and a drizzle of creamy tzatziki.

best salmon recipes kale salad with salmon

Ralph Smith

Warm mushrooms and onions cooked in wine and served with melty goat cheese and crunchy roasted almonds make for a decadent bowl. Add them over a bed of leafy greens and top with a salmon fillet for a dinner salad the whole family will love.

best salmon recipes blackened pan seared salmon with whole30 tartar sauce

Alex Snodgrass

When inspiration doesn’t strike, turn to this incredibly easy salmon recipe. The spice blend includes paprika, thyme, oregano, garlic, onion, and cayenne for epic flavor, and a hearty spoonful of the homemade tartar sauce is the ultimate briny pairing.

best salmon recipes firecracker salmon bowls

Jamie Vespa

Run, don’t walk to make this peanutty firecracker sauce that brings nutty, sweet, and spicy flavor to any bowl. Drizzle it over fluffy rice, a crispy fillet of salmon, and an easy as can be cabbage slaw for a weeknight meal you’ll turn to again and again.

best salmon recipes crispy salmon burrito bowls

Gaby Dalkin

Get creative with your burrito bowl by topping rice with beans, corn, pico de gallo, and avocado. Sound normal? Add a fillet of crispy, marinated salmon and a cilantro vinaigrette drizzled over the top for a showstopping burrito bowl that’s way better than your local spot.

best salmon recipes salmon tacos

How Sweet Eats

Buttery salmon topped with grilled corn poblano salsa, pickled onions, cotija cheese, and stuffed into a tortilla sounds like a summertime dream. But don’t worry—this recipe will bring this flavorful dish right to your kitchen table.

best salmon recipes bbq salmon bowl

Pinch of Yum

As soon as you take a bite of the broiled salmon in a smoky-sweet rub, you’ll feel like you’re at a summer barbeque. Pro tip: you may want to double the mango-avocado salsa in this recipe because it surely is the star.

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